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Karma Digital Corporation

What Goes Around, Comes Around.

By investing time in building successful relationships with good will, good intentions and good practice, creates cycles of mutual prosperity.

Karma Digital Corporation, is an incubation center of various ideas and developments with innovations and inventions that will help people in everyday life, easing them of burdens and hardship which others may take for granted:

By making people self-sufficient in their energy, food production and consumption, they are able to live a more peaceful life with one another and each other. As long as the fundamental basics are met, they are free to explore and prosper.

Some of these fundamentals include:

Better education. Further/Advanced education. Mind sciences. Personal development. Financial management. Renewable energy and alternative energy. Natural medicines/healing. Wellness in health, body and mind. Organic foods and drinks.

We are always in constant R&D (Research and Development). This enables us to look at new and pioneering projects that includes: technologies, innovation, invention and imagination.

With 20 years since it’s founding and over 32 years of practical experience(s) from it’s founder, Karma Digital Corporation, provides solutions to make life more livable.


Karma Digital Corporation was established in 1999 and have undertaken various projects and businesses while scaling new innovative ideas.

Karma Digital Corporation

2013 – Present

Karma Digital, is looking to introduce a range of new products for Beehive Power and OEM Market, with it's mass-production in China and sales/supply chain management in EMEA, the all-in-one Solar Power Generators and Energy Storage Systems with everything built-in. It has Power Inverters, Energy Storage, SMART ready Battery Management System (BMS) and fully Plug ‘n’ Play ready, grid-tied/off-grid, UPS back-up, simply plug-in solar panels and re-charge (or charge from the grid itself).

Karma Digital Corporation

2010 – 2013

Karma Digital, launched products for the solar energy industry initially under it's brand Beehive and partnered with a factory in Taiwan for the manufacturing, sales and distribution of solar power components; pure sine wave power inverters, battery chargers, micro-inverters and voltage regulators. A range of components needed to run solar power in a home either both with off-grid and/or grid-tied solutions, making use of the Feed In Tariff. We also designed an early stage all-in-one version (2012).

Karma Digital Corporation

2008 – 2010

Karma Digital, developed a 100% ‘completely silent’ Home Theater PC. Designed around a HeatSink technology case, for it’s efficient heat-dessipation running LinuxMCE Operating System. The hard-drive compartment built within it’s own enclosure to prevent noise from spinning discs and completely fanless, UPS back-up with, it’s R&D in Taiwan and our factory production facilities based in China. Karma also released a range of HTPC Cases with slim, stylish and modern designs.

Karma Digital Corporation

2005 – 2008

Karma Digital, launched Natura Nutrition and developed a range of Moringa Oleifera ‘superfood’ tablets/capsules for the wellness industry with all the nutritional and medicinal values found in the Moringa Oleifera plant. Also with it's mass production and distribution for 100% pure organic and natural energy drink, solutions for energy, focus, nutrition, medicinal and over-all wellness for the body, mind and soul, receiving and using nurture from nature. Made from the Guarana fruit.

Karma Digital Corporation

2004 – 2006

Karma Digital, developed one of the first SaaS (Software as a Service), today commonly known as Cloud Computing with an already hosted online paperless office, solving remote office issues and having no need for technical support, upgrades and maintenance cost of networking a business, as all you need is a PC and web-browser. The server-software was sold to Intranets.com in Boston, USA (and the domain name was retained). It was later sold to WebEx, today belongs to Cisco.

Karma Digital Corporation

1999 – 2004

Karma Digital, launched Atoz Technology, (read review), in 1999 as a developer of the world’s smallest pc (at the time) called EZgo-PC, with it’s manufacturing and worldwide export based in Taiwan. Our OEM customers and distribution partners worked within a specific SCM (Supply Chain Management) in the various channels of distribution: retail, banking, corporate, government, education, VAR/POS, systems integration, system builders, wholesalers with horizontal and vertical channels.


Karma Digital Corporation, has a few areas of interest under development...

1. Research into creating a Solar Farm (Spain/Portugal) for the supply of clean-renewable, cheap energy/electricity.

2. Research into electro-magnetism and it's energy generation without the need to use any of Earth’s resources for clean renewable energy.

3. Fresh-Frozen Organic Fruits & Veg, for the development of a range of ready-made deserts and a range of frozen organic produce direct from the farmer(s).

4. Research into applications of Li-Fi, using LED lights for delivering FREE Internet BroadBand Connectivity via Solar Panels.


Our vision is as follows:

To enable people in being self-sufficient in their energy needs and creation. By being self-sufficient in this way, they will be able to live with less worries and financial outlay/debt, worry free of bills and to concentrate on the things that matters to them most and what they love doing most without having the burden of utility bills to live.

For people to be consuming nutritional and natural organic foods for self-sufficient wellbeing, personal development and increased immune system enabling them to have a long healthy-life with energy and vigor. The human body, the mind and it’s processes of thoughts and emotions is technology which needs energy and maintenance.

We see a world where all people are self-sufficient in food, medicine, health, electricity and technology, so that they are able to live in peace and harmony with one-another, no more wars for resources and no more competition to survive, but instead altogether strive.

We see ‘Peace’ through technology and innovation being used to create a better civilization… starting today! Technology used intelligently will make this world a paradise in itself.

Do You Have a Vision?

If you have an idea or business which needs assistance to market, contact us to see if we can help and make use of a range of experiences and expertise.

Karma Digital Corporation founder: Mr Vijay Beeharry

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